Her plays are always a highlight of the festival. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with this talented and dedicated director.                     -Fiona Jones, Founder, 

                        Estrogenius Festival

You got it just right!  Each character was presented exactly as I had them in mind - more than I'd even imagined ….you understood everything!

       -Tom Dudzick, playwright,

                        KING O' MOON


She is a great collaborator and her commitment to the project at hand is never half-measured.

      -Danny Eaton, Majestic Theatre

Each time is a new experience.

She discovers new layers of meaning and purpose. She is the real thing.  

                      - Sarah Ford, Actor/Writer

                         GEORGIA & ME

Zoya performed expertly, with good humor and a high tolerance for change by those around her. She helped turn a difficult event into a pleasure.          -Aric Press, Former VP,  

                    AMERICAN LAW MAGAZINE


Zoya has the ability to remain laser-focused and maintains her sense of humor, under extraordinary pressure.                          - Stephanie Lee, CEO

                               Group Sales Box Office

                               at Broadway.com

Stays in sync with my performance and all its nuances. Most importantly, she is honest, trustworthy, dependable, punctual and loyal.      

   - Tovah Feldshuh, GOLDA’S BALCONY

Corporate Producing

She is a terrific communicator…. Her ability to bridge creative and corporate resources is remarkable.

               - Kurt Stamm, Director

                   BEST OF BROADWAY

Stage Managing

Zoya is detail oriented, creative and supportive of the team and the tasks at hand. She brings a wide array of skills to the table and is able to pick, choose and combine these skills to address and support the goals and vision of the project. 

- Nina Keneally, Producer, TRANSPORT