I was struck with how clearly Zoya could articulate what my show was about and how well she understood my need and desire to explore my subject in depth.  Zoya had the ability to help focus the writing and focus the actor as well, which is particularly important when they are the same person. Whenever I go into rehearsal with Zoya, I know that she will keep me honest both emotionally and technically and each time will be a new experience discovering new layers of meaning and purpose. I can highly recommend her to you and say that she is the “real thing”.                           

 - Sarah Ford, Writer/Actor, GEORGIA & ME 


....And every mood and emotion I wanted was there; you didn't miss a trick.  Oh, and the fight scene between the two girls -- hilarious! 

And the thing I'm most grateful for -- I'm a real stickler for this -- you got all the jokes! ...After the first couple scenes unfolded I knew I was in good hands, so I just sat back, relaxed and laughed. You can direct my plays anytime. Many thanks for a great evening of theatre!   -Tom Dudzick, Playwright KING O’ THE MOON




Zoya Kachadurian joined GOLDA’S BALCONY  in 2010 and mastered the calling of a show with over three hundred light, sound, and projection cues....When we have a longer run, Zoya gives valuable production notes for all aspects of the piece as is fitting the tradition of Production Stage Managers. She has come up with some very useful improvements and her background as a director is useful to the show... I have enjoyed working with Zoya very much and look forward to future engagements with her of GOLDA’S BALCONY.                  

                                       - Tovah Feldshuh, Actor/Producer,

                                         GOLDA’S BALCONY



..., bringing exciting and innovative ideas to the table in order to forge new avenues of exploration in the creation of live entertainment. Zoya knows how to commit and be self-motivated.  I feel her dedication to life, combined with her perseverance, skills and talent, make her the perfect director or stage manager, whether theatrically or in a corporate environment.

       -Kurt Stamm, Director, Best of Broadway


Over the years, Zoya has become an integral part of the creative and producing team, lending her vast knowledge and expertise to script writing, production supervising, creating technical schedules, cue calling, giving directorial input and ultimately running every production flawlessly.   She has the ability to remain laser-focused and maintain her professionalism and sense of humor under extraordinary pressure.  Our entire production relies on her leadership.  I look forward to her continued involvement on all our productions for many years to come.

                       - Stephanie Lee, President and CEO,  

                         Group Sales Box Office at